24 hour pharmacy near me (now open) + branch locator (2023)

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Do you have a prescription to fill?

Are you looking for a 24-hour pharmacy to get over-the-counter medication to ease your allergy symptoms?

We provide you with this comprehensive list of pharmacies that are open 24 hours a day, as well as some that are open late.

Even better, many of these pharmacies offer quick and convenient ways to pick up your prescription.

This article will guide you through all of these options, including which pharmacies are highly rated, what services and billing options they offer, and which are location-specific.

24 hour pharmacy near me (now open) + branch locator (1)

24 hour pharmacy near me


In the world of convenience stores, some have gained a reputation for being ubiquitous in the continental US.

These businesses always seem to be on opposite corners and the good thing is you can usually find one within walking distance of your location.

1. CVS 24 hour pharmacy near me

opening hours: Open 24 hours (check website for current opening hours)

store locator:CVS pharmacy near me

Open 24 hours a day, CVS has built a reputation over the years as the premier port of call for prescription and OTC pharmacies.

They offer immunizations and vaccines, as well as doctor-prescribed medications.

With a wide variety of over-the-counter medications, CVS has been a convenient destination for many people.

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CVS accepts credit, debit, cash and gift cards. They also have their trademark Minute Clinic for visits or inquiries and accept most major insurance companies.

They also have a drive through option for your convenience.

2. 24 Hour Pharmacy Near Me Walgreens

opening times: 24-hour pharmacy (see website for current opening hours)

store locator:Walgreens near me

Walgreens, CVS's rival, is one of the most widely available drugstores in the United States.

With drive-through service at select locations, as well as expedited medication pickup, there's always a Walgreens near you.

They are open 24 hours a day and offer vaccines, including flu shots, and an outpatient clinic for mild illnesses.

They accept payment by cash, credit, debit or check and accept most types of insurance coverage.

3. Juwel-Osco

opening hours: 24 hours (check website for current opening hours)

store locator:Juwel Osco Pharmacy near me

With a few locations in Illinois and one in Iowa, Jewel-Osco is your number one choice if you live in Northern Illinois. They offer pharmacy services including prescription collection, vaccinations and routine health checkups.

They also deliver certain medications to your home and accept most major insurance companies.

Some locations also have a drive thru for your convenience and Jewel Osco stores are usually open 24 hours a day.

4. Aid to the Ritual

opening hours: 24-hour pharmacy (see website for current opening hours)

store locator:Rite Aid Pharmacy near me

Rite Aid is another popular pharmacy in the United States, with branches in several states.

They offer drive-through services, vaccinations and a clinic called RediClinic to help you with minor ailments.

Like other pharmacies, they accept most major insurance and payment methods and are open 24 hours a day.

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Pharmacies are open late

If you like to go to the pharmacy late, many large chain stores are open 24 hours or stay open late so you can pick up your prescription.

Below are the stores you can find across the United States that serve as grocery stores and pharmacies.

5. Albertsons

opening hours: Open until 21:00 on weekdays and until 18:00 or 19:00 on weekends (check website for current opening hours)

store locator:Albertson Pharmacy near me

With branches across the US, Albertsons is a popular grocery store for many people, offering low prices on essentials, but did you know they also have a pharmacy?

If you arrange for collection at Albertsons when filling in your details at the doctor's office, Albertsons may hold the prescribed medication for you.

They also have a pharmacy section where you can select whatever over-the-counter medications you need.

6. Kroger 24 hour pharmacy near me

opening hours: Most Kroger locations are open until 8pm. during the week and at 6 pm on weekends. (See website for current opening hours)

store locator:Kroger Pharmacy near me

Kroger has long been a trusted grocery store across the United States.

Chances are you passed one or two on your way to work today. But in addition to offering groceries, some Kroger locations have an integrated pharmacy for your convenience.

They accept most insurance companies and you can visit the pharmacy section if you are looking for a specific over-the-counter drug; If not, the onsite staff can help you with any prescription medications you may need to collect.

7. release

Regular opening hours: Open until 9pm on weekdays (see website for current opening hours)

store locator:Publix Pharmacy near me

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To pick up your prescription, go to the pharmacy and speak to one of the employees behind the counter.

While waiting for your prescription, you can peruse shelves full of over-the-counter medications, including dietary supplements, vitamins and treatments for minor ailments.

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8. Walmart

opening hours: 23:00 (check website for current opening hours)

store locator:Walmart Pharmacy near me

Walmart stores are as common as they are cheap, and your pharmacy is no exception. Open until 11 pm in most locations, Walmart is a good choice for your pharmacy location.

Simply navigate to the pharmacy section to pick up your prescription, although some locations also offer drive-thru services.

They also have a selection of over-the-counter medications for your convenience and accept most major health plans.

Walmart also has an outpatient clinic so you can visit a healthcare provider at your discretion.

9. Meta

Opening hours:Until 22:00 (See website for current opening hours)

store locator:Target pharmacy near me

Target is the place to go if you want to shop in style, and with stores across the country, it has become a household name.

They usually close shop around 10pm, but opening hours vary by location.

When you need to see a doctor or just pick up your prescription, Target has you covered. You can even call ahead to have your medication waiting for you when you arrive at the store.

Some Target locations have a CVS pharmacy in the Target store that works as well.

They accept most major insurance companies and the staff is on hand to help you find anything you need.

10. Riesenadler

opening hours: until 21:00 on weekdays and 17:00 on weekends (check the opening hours on the website)

store locator:Giant Eagle Pharmacy near me

Giant Eagle is probably your thing if you live in the northeastern United States. They usually close at 9 pm. but it may close at 5pm. on weekends.

With multiple locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania, Giant Eagle is a popular retailer across the United States. But did you know they also have a pharmacy?

You can consult a nutritionist, dermatologist or physician for a health assessment, and the pharmacy can assist you with any prescription or over-the-counter needs.

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11. Hy-Vee

opening hours: closes at 8 pm on weekdays (check website for current opening hours)

store locator:Hy-Vee pharmacy near me

Most pharmacies in Hy-Vee are open until 8 pm. during the week and closed at 5-6 pm. on the weekends.

With stores across the United States, Hy-Vee is a popular drugstore option for many people.

They offer vaccination services and have a full pharmacy for your convenience. Just call ahead to schedule a pick up and they can have your prescription medication ready for you when you walk into the store.

Nutritionist consultations are available upon request, and you can get generic branded drugs over the counter at cheaper prices.

Even better, Hy-Vee offers drive-through options at some locations, making it easy to collect your prescription.

12. Safe Mode

opening hours: weekdays until 21:00 (check the opening hours on the website)

Safeway is a popular store with many locations in many states. If you live in California, Colorado or Washington, you probably drive past a Safeway store on a regular basis.

In addition to offering groceries like a supermarket, Safeway has a pharmacy where you can pick up your prescription drugs whenever you want, and even has a drive-thru in most locations.

They accept most payment methods and many types of insurance, but you can always contact your local pharmacy to make sure they accept your insurance.

Safeway stores are normally open until 9pm. during the week, and they usually close at 5 pm. on the weekend.

As with all convenience stores and supermarkets, opening hours vary by location and even some 24-hour pharmacies may be closed on holidays.

Final thoughts on the 24 hour pharmacy near me

As it turns out, finding a 24-hour pharmacy isn't that difficult these days.

Stores like CVS and Walgreens are everywhere, offering a convenient way to get the medications you need.

Even stores that aren't open late may offer drive-through and call-ahead options to get your prescription medication.

Most pharmacies or stores with on-site pharmacies also have plenty of over-the-counter options, making them ideal for a quick stop on the way home from work to grab a decongestant.

As with any pharmacy, make sure you know which option you're choosing before seeing your doctor so you can send them to the right place.

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If you're not sure if a pharmacy will cover your insurance, all you have to do is call them and they'll let you know.

Some supermarkets with pharmacies also carry generic versions of drugs so you can save money the next time you go to the drug store.


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