Is the Jordan 3 big or small (or true to size)? Guide 2022 (2023)

Air Jordan 3s are designed to run true to size and most buyers will be confident in selecting their regular Nike or Jordan brand size.

However, foot type and preferred fit can vary, so it's always best to try on a pair of shoes before you buy.

For example, if you have a wider foot, you might want to go up half a size, as the Air Jordan 3 may run slightly smaller for wider feet.

EUIf you have a narrower foot, I recommend using your usual size without any problems.As always, it's best to seek advice from a footwear expert to find the perfect pair of shoes for your unique needs.

Although sometimes they don't have the size you need because they sell out quickly,Check out Amazon for some good Jordan 3 deals.

Are the Jordan 3s big or small compared to other styles of Jordan footwear? Read on to find out more.

How comfortable are the Nike Air Jordan 3s?

The Air Jordan 3 is a comfortable shoe since it was first released in 1989. If you have wider feet, don't worry these shoes are too tight like other brands; They will fit perfectly.

Some like their shoes to be a little tighter, while others prefer them looser.

The Jordan 3 features a visible air unit that provides cushioning and comfort for casual wear. Although they should last for some time, they may not hold up if abused.

You can also add aftermarket Jordantennis insolesfor extra cushioning when needed.

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Is the Jordan 3s big or small (or does it true to size)?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because people's feet are all different shapes and sizes. However, many people believe that the Air Jordan 3 has a similar fit to the Air Jordan 4 and 11, which are sneakers they prefer to wear in a US size 12.

That's because the Air Jordan 3 has a wider toe box than many other Air Jordan models, giving people more room to wiggle their toes and be more comfortable. Additionally, the Air Jordan 3 has less heel cushioning than other models, making it feel lighter and more responsive.

This could be a good option for people who are looking for a comfortable shoe that offers good support, but don't want anything that feels too bulky or heavy on their feet.

Air Jordan 3s size chart for narrow feet

The Air Jordan 3 can be a good sneaker option if you have narrow feet. The shoe is designed to work well with different foot types, so it can be a good choice whether your feet are narrower or wider.

If you're between sizes, please halve the size if your preferred size is not available. Note that not all sizes may be available in all colors.

Air Jordans 3s size chart for wide feet

If you have wider feet, it's safe to stay true to size when purchasing the Air Jordan 3.

However, the toe and midfoot are not considered narrow on this particular shoe, so those who prefer more room can go up a size. Because the Air Jordan 3 is the ultimate choice for retro basketball shoes.

It's important to remember, however, that everyone's foot width is different, so it's best to try on a pair of Jordans in person in a store before buying them.

If you have never worn Jordans before, it is recommended that you go up to half your normal shoe size, as they tend to run slightly smaller.

Ultimate Air Jordan 3 for comfort fit shoe

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You can wear the Air Jordan 3 without going down a size if you want a tight or loose fit.

The shoe's lacing system makes it easy to find the perfect size, so you don't have to choose a smaller option. You can adjust the tightness of the shoe by simply tugging on the laces, giving you more or less room depending on your preference.

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Whether you like your shoes to be comfortable or want a little extra room, the Air Jordan 3 accommodates all types of wearers.

Nike Air Jordan 3 for a roomy Jordan fit

If you are looking for a roomier fit for the Air Jordan 3 sneakers, I would suggest going half a size up.

The lacing system of the shoe is adjustable, so that even wide feet still fit comfortably. Even if you tend to wear your true size, you may find that a larger size gives you more room to breathe and keeps the shoe from feeling too tight.

What materials are used in the Air Jordan 3?

The Air Jordan 3 is a popular running shoe that often features full-grain leather uppers and elephant-print panels. Sometimes Jordan Brand also includes suede or nubuck inserts. This gives the shoe a unique look.

The combination of materials can also provide additional durability and wear protection.

If you need to clean your Jordans, you can also use my article onHow to clean leather shoes.

A little history in the Air Jordan line

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ÖAir Jordan 3was designed byTinker Hatfield, a tennis legend. People consider it the perfect basketball shoe because it includes performance-enhancing materials and replaces the wing logo with the Jumpman motif.

The Air Jordan 3 was the first Jordan shoe to use the elephant print, which is now considered a signature element of the brand. It was also the first shoe to feature the Jumpman logo, which has become an iconic symbol of the Jordan brand.

The Air Jordan 3 is a classic sneaker that is still popular today. Comfortable, stylish and versatile, it can be worn with a variety of looks. Whether you're looking for a casual shoe to wear with jeans or a more dressy option for a night out, the Air Jordan 3 is a great choice.

Are Nike and Jordan shoes the same?

Nike and Jordan shoes are not the same. Nike is a sportswear brand that manufactures a wide range of products including shoes, while Jordan is a sub-brand of Nike specializing in basketball shoes.

Although Nike owns both brands, they have different designs, purposes and target markets.

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Air Jordan 3 VS Air Jordan 1 size

Is the Jordan 3 big or small (or true to size)? Guide 2022 (3)

First released in 1985-1986, the Air Jordan 1 is the ultimate high-top sneaker. Likewise, the Air Jordan 3 is one of the best collections of mid-Jordan sneakers.

The Air Jordan 1 is probably one of the most iconic sneakers. It has had a strong presence in popular culture since its debut in 1985.

The Air Jordan 1 is always true to size - I can confidently say the fit has been the same since the 80's. If you have limited sizing options for a selected color, increase the size instead of decreasing it.

Air Jordan 3 VS Air Jordan 4 size

Is the Jordan 3 big or small (or true to size)? Guide 2022 (4)

Many people find that going half a size larger than their actual size, the Air Jordan 4 fits more comfortably.

This is due to the shoe's snug fit and inner liner, which can cause blisters and pain if the fit isn't perfect. However, scaling up to half the size can easily solve these problems.

It's also important to note that the Air Jordan 4 can take some time to break in, but once you have it will fit snugly.

Air Jordan 3 VS Air Jordan 5 size

Is the Jordan 3 big or small (or true to size)? Guide 2022 (5)

Of all the shoes in the Air Jordan line, the 5 is my favorite. My two favorite colorways are the 2020 Off-White x Nike Sail and the 2011 Retro Wolf Grey.

Both pairs fit perfectly for size; However, I would recommend going half a size down if you have narrow feet when shopping for the Off-White x Nike Sail models.

I own the OG and Off-White shoes and I can tell you from experience that both are comfortable.

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Air Jordan 3 VS Air Jordan 6 size

Is the Jordan 3 big or small (or true to size)? Guide 2022 (6)

The Air Jordan 6 is a comfortable shoe that fits perfectly. If you have smaller feet, you should of course choose one size smaller, as the shoe appears wider. But whether you're doing any type of activity, the Jordan VI will be comfortable.

Size Air Jordan 3 VS Nike Air Force 1

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ÖNike Air Force 1It is a true to size shoe and is a little tight on wider feet but may be too roomy for narrow feet. Therefore, we recommend that you buy this silhouette half a size larger than your standard size.

Although they are not the most comfortable sneakers, you can still use them without causing too much discomfort.

my last thoughts

Is the Jordan 3 big or small (or true to size)? Guide 2022 (8)

You can wear Air Jordan 3 sneakers as a casual dress or on the court. Many people wear them to show their sense of fashion style. They're not cheap sneakers.

They are some of the most comfortable shoes with all round cushioning and an inflatable air unit so you can slip on the shoes with no socks for a perfect fit.

If you like Air Jordan sneakers in general or nostalgic models in particular, we recommend adding the Air Jordan 3 to your collection.

If you find your size, you can find some of the bestJordan 3 sneaker deals at Amazon. I also like their return policy.

The OG colorway worn on court by Michael Jordan is my favorite, but there are several collaborative and GR releases that are just too awesome to pass up.

But of course these are just my opinions. So if you ask me... I'd say grab a pair of Air Jordan 3s if you haven't already!

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Do Jordan 3's run big or small? ›

Are Jordan 3s True To Size? The Air Jordan 3 generally fits true to size for most. Those that find the sneaker too tight may find better results going up a half size.

What is the true size of Air Jordans 3? ›

The Air Jordan 3 fits comfortably at true-to-size. Generally speaking, the Air Jordan 3 fits true-to-size and most buyers will be safe going with their most common Nike or Jordan Brand size.

Can I go down half a size on Jordan 3? ›

Definitely! We've always found the Air Jordan 3 fits true to size. Occasionally I have gone half size up as a personal preference as I have a wider foot and feel like the toe box of the AJ3 can be a little narrow.

Should you buy Jordans a size bigger or smaller? ›

The Air Jordan 1 fits true to size. This applies to all low, mid and high versions. You may opt to go up or down half a size for a snugger or roomier fit. What are the Air Jordan 1 upcoming releases?

Are Jordan 3s good for wide feet? ›

Sizing and fit: I would say Air Jordan 3s fit true to size. However, if you have wide feet, I would recommend sizing up. Comfort: The Air Jordan 3 is one of the most comfortable silhouettes in the Air Jordan line, thanks to the cushioning around the ankles and the bouncy Air unit.


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