What is the sea in Turkey: the location of the country on the map (2023)

What is the sea in Turkey: the location of the country on the map (1)

Turkey is an amazing country on two continents: Asia and Europe, absorbing the peculiarities of both cultures. The oriental mentality of its residents has many European traits, which is why tourists from different countries feel so comfortable in this country. Beautiful nature, 4 warm seas, a unique climate, rich culture, preserved heritage from the times of Ancient Greece, Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire attract foreigners from all over the world every year.

What is the sea in Turkey: the location of the country on the map (2)

Location of the country on the map

Most regions of Turkey are in Southwest Asia. The borders of these regions are in contact with Syria, Iraq, Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The European part of the country borders Bulgaria and Greece in the north.

The continental climate has tropical characteristics in some places, and the surrounding mountains have an unfavorable geographical location. The Turkish territory is washed by the Marmara, the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, which makes the country tempting to stay even in hot summers.

climatic properties

For people from cold countries, where there is not much sun and the rainy season lasts most of the year, the Turkish climate seems like a paradise: the weather is warm and sunny, it rains little in winter, the air is not so muggy and stuffy like other parts of Asia like Egypt or Tunisia. The sweltering heat is tempered by the coolness from the mountains.

Most of the territory falls into the subtropical climatic zone with comfortable winters (+13 ... + 15 ° С) and hot summers (+23 ... + 33 ° С). The water in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas is warm (+ 17 ° C) even in winter.

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What is the sea in Turkey: the location of the country on the map (3)

In the western Anatolian highlands, the climate is similar to the continental one: snowy winters (up to -4 ° С) and hot and dry summers (+30 ... + 37 ° С).

The eastern part of Turkey is characterized by sudden changes in temperature. The climate is decidedly continental. In the cold season, the daily temperature does not exceed -4 ° C. July and August are the warmest months of the year (+26 ... + 27 ° C).

A temperate mountainous climate is characteristic of the Armenian highlands. In summer it is hot here (+18 ... + 26 ° С), in winter it is windy and cold (-8 ... - 15 ° С).

The climate in Turkey is influenced by warm seas: in summer they humidify the air and reduce heat, in winter they release accumulated heat and soften the climate at this time of year.

Seas around Turkey

The warm water of the sea and more than 7,000 km of beaches make this country a popular seaside resort:

  • from the west - the Aegean Sea;
  • from the south, the warmer, Mediterranean;
  • from the north - the coldest, black;
  • Inland Sea of ​​Marmara, simply surrounded by Turkish land,

Warmer seas in autumn and winter.

Throughout the summer, up until the first ten days of October, the weather is gloomy across the country. In the second half of October it changes sharply - precipitation begins. At this time it is warm and comfortable on the beaches of the Anatolian coast, this time is considered the velvet season there. In the Side and Alanya regions, dry weather prevails until November.

What is the sea in Turkey: the location of the country on the map (4)

The Aegean coast in autumn is cool, but this is the best time of year to take a trip to Istanbul and see all the sights of antiquity, Constantinople and the Ottoman Empire.

Winter in Turkey is mild. In most areas, the temperature rarely drops below 0°C at this time of year. The water cools off in December, but the weather remains pleasant, perfect for hiking, shopping, and sightseeing. The warmest winter is in Antalya on the Mediterranean coast.

The cold season in the Black Sea region is icy and snowy. Winter sports enthusiasts will find excellent skiing opportunities in Samsun.


Features of the Turkish seas.

The country has 4 warm seas suitable for recreation. In addition, each has its own characteristics - they differ in salinity and temperature indicators. The Black Sea is the least salty, but also the coldest. The Mediterranean Sea is the warmest and the salt concentration is high.

Description of the seas in Turkey

Tourist areas are located along all coasts of the country. The sea water warms up sufficiently for swimming in the first week of April. The beach season starts in the Mediterranean, where most of the hotels are located; Along the Mediterranean coast there are 5 famous resorts: Antalya, Belek, Kemer, Side and Alanya. Tourists love the clean sandy beaches, picturesque nature and mild climate.

The least popular resort is located on the Black Sea coast. It is mainly locals who rest there: tired from the heat, they find relief in the relatively cool climate of the Black Sea region.

Black Sea

It is a marginal sea of ​​the Atlantic basin. The sea lies between Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

What is the sea in Turkey: the location of the country on the map (5)

The Black Sea is the northernmost and coldest in Turkey. The coast is 1,598 km long and protected by mountains, which slows down the cold air currents from the center of Antalya. The climate on the Black Sea coast is comparatively less pleasant and the suitable vacation time is shorter.

Black Sea resorts are preferred by locals, while foreigners seek warmer regions. But in these parts of the country you can feel the special local climate, try traditional food, climb the mountains or just admire the picturesque nature.

In summer, the temperature on the sea coast fluctuates mainly in the comfortable range of +23 ... + 24 ° С. Even in hot summers, the water warms up to a maximum of + 24 ° С, and this is the Black Sea's disadvantage in comparison with the other Turkish seas. There are no such developed tourist areas, ultra-modern hotels and amusement parks as on other Turkish coasts.

Small towns with a rich history are the most attractive for tourists:

  1. Rize Province is the most important tea producer in Turkey. A special Rize tea variety "demli" (dark tea) with a rich aroma and deep red color is grown nearby. Beach holidays, mountain tourism, climbing and caving are preferred here. Antique lovers will find many ruins of ancient fortresses and mosques here.
  2. Sinop or Sinope is a legendary city with a thousand-year history. Sinop was the home of King Mithridates and the Greek poet Diogenes, who was also one of the founders of Cynic philosophy. It has beautiful sandy and pebbly beaches that attract those trying to avoid the sweltering heat.
  3. Samsun is a year-round tourist center and a former settlement of the Amazons. In summer it attracts with clean beaches and in winter with excellent ski slopes.

Sea of ​​Marmara

The name comes from the island of Marmara, where a white stone was quarried in ancient times. This is Turkey's inland sea, connecting the Mediterranean and Black Seas through the Dardanelles Strait and the Bosphorus.

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The sea coast is densely populated, its length does not exceed 1000 km. The coasts are mostly rocky and high.

There are few sandy beaches, they can be found on Turkel, Yalova or Tekirdag. The climate in this place is subtropical, the water warms up to + 28 ° C in summer.

Istanbul is the largest city in the country: it borders the Sea of ​​Marmara to the north and the Black Sea to the south. It is rich in history, monuments and traditions. It's a big mall: in Istanbul you can buy all kinds of souvenirs, from clothes to Turkish carpets.

the Aegean Sea

It stretches between the Turkish and Greek coasts. The name of the sea comes from the name of the Athenian king Aegeus, who, according to an old legend, drowned in its waves.

The resorts located here attract not only those who appreciate comfortable relaxation on the beach, but also those who like sailing, diving, rafting and mountain tourism. The Taurus Mountains drop straight into the sea, creating incredibly beautiful landscapes. The water in it is crystal clear, warms up to + 26 ° C in summer and has a beautiful emerald shade. There are not so many species of fish in the depths of the sea (effect of the lack of plankton), but squid and sponges are so numerous that they are industrially harvested.

What is the sea in Turkey: the location of the country on the map (7)

The Aegean coast is fantastically attractive: the mountains, the sun, the lush vegetation, lots of bright colors. The coastal part is rich in small picturesque islands (more than two thousand). Here you can take the most beautiful selfies.

Popular channels:

  1. Marmaris is a small cozy town hidden in a closed sea bay. A must for divers and windsurfers from all over the world. There are no big waves here and the water is crystal clear and clean.
  2. Bodrum is an active and popular youth resort. Nightlife in Bodrum is full of attractions and entertainment: discos, nightclubs and restaurants are open until dawn. There are sandy and pebble beaches. Bodrum was known as Halicarnassus (Greek City) in ancient times, the surviving ruins are a place of tourist attraction. . Boaters love the resort for its calm, predictable winds, and divers love the clean water and abundant marine life. Bodrum is also rich in mineral and thermal springs.

The summer season in the Aegean starts a little later than in the Mediterranean. The best time to relax here is the beginning of summer - the water has already warmed up to a comfortable temperature, and the air has not yet had time to warm up. It is hotter in July and August, but the heat does not cause discomfort as the climate is dry and pleasant.

The beach season ends in October: this period is characterized by frequent rains, and the temperature begins to drop.

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Mediterranean Sea

The coast is the warmest and most attractive in the country and is often referred to as Turkey's Nice or Riviera. Rich infrastructure and clean beaches attract the main flow of tourists from all countries.

What is the sea in Turkey: the location of the country on the map (8)

The most expensive and popular all-inclusive resorts are located here:

  1. Belek - in this small town (only 7,000 inhabitants) there are more than 50 five-star hotels and the best golf courses in Turkey. Only 30 years ago the building of hotels started here. Its golden beaches are a well-groomed area that makes Belek an unspoilt destination. Known today as one of the most convenient and elite bathing spots in the world.
  2. Kemer - is a popular seaside resort, especially among Russians and British. There are more than a thousand hotels of different quality. The prices are affordable. The average annual temperature is + 21 ° C.
  3. Alanya - is a hot resort town. Here the water is warm from May to October, many attractions and high service. This place is chosen for rest of elderly people and families.
  4. Page - is a top resource. Luxury hotels, first class service, turquoise sea and long sandy beaches. You can visit the monuments of ancient culture such as the amphitheater and the Temple of Apollo.

The Mediterranean Sea is saltier than the Black Sea. It is easier to teach a child to swim in it: water with a high salt content has a higher density and better keeps the body on the surface.

The holiday season lasts 300 days a year, from April to November, and the coast beckons with sandy beaches and citrus orchards. The Strait of Gibraltar connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic and the Suez Canal to the Red Sea.

Where is the best place to relax?

Holidays are eventful and comfortable on all coasts of Turkey. In the country's resort towns, you can feel the unique taste of Turkish culture, learn about local traditions and enjoy the enchanting nature. On all coasts there are many attractions belonging to different cultures from ancient times. The seas around Turkey, the mountains, the variety of climatic zones and landscapes provide endless opportunities for interesting and rich leisure activities, both beach and more active.

When choosing a resort, consider the types of recreation that are common for the place. The Sea of ​​Marmara will give you privacy and freedom, the Aegean - the paradisiacal beauty of the surrounding nature, the Black Sea will delight you with the wealth of ancient monuments and the usual cool climate, and the Mediterranean - with the comfort of its hotels and beaches.

Every tourist has their own idea of ​​the best vacation:

  1. Families with small children prefer places with a gentle entrance to the sea with clean sandy beaches. Children's pools, children's menus and sandy beaches can be found in Antalya, Bodrum, Didim, Kusadasi and Kemer.
  2. Elderly people value comfort and solitude as long as facilities are important to them: showers, comfortable hammocks, lifeguards, etc. The best places for them would be Fethiye, Kemer with its clean air with the smell of pine trees and a special microclimate, and Antalya.
  3. Those who like to spend their time actively and are fans of extreme and water sports - banana riding, rafting, paragliding or exploring the depths of the sea while diving - will have the best time in Marmaris, Bodrum and Dalaman.
  4. Nature lovers will appreciate the Black Sea coast with its enchanting grace complemented by mountains.
  5. City dwellers who cannot imagine rest outside the metropolis will find their place on the beaches of Istanbul, where you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also have fun in the most famous metropolis in the world.

The main advantage of a holiday in Turkey is that in this diverse country everyone can find the most suitable place for themselves, depending on their interests, needs, health and financial capabilities.


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